Summer 2020

Summer -

Summer 2020

The contrast between clothes, the mix of sportswear with iconic pieces, fabrics and colors will be the way to be cool in 2020; a joyful mixture from different periods.


A look back

At the 1920s

With a look back to the 1920s for fabrics inspired by lingerie, fine jerseys and small tone-on-tone embroidery motifs, in delicate fabrics where the yellow ranges are multiplying and becoming essential.


From the 1960s

From the 1960s, called hippies, one can draw from the rich folk motifs in cheerful and innocent ranges for flowing fabrics, enhanced with accents of gold.

Come back

Of the 1980s

In the 80s, we remember the bloom of stripes like a yacht party and fabrics that shine for evening divas.


Of our travels

The memory of our travels through the orange lands of the Maghreb, with its nomadic influences in ornaments and wovens reminding us of craft basketwork, for timeless fabrics.


by nature

Then, more than ever, nature attracts and inspires us by its simplicity and by the omnipresence of water with transparent, light fabrics, embroidered with fine floral motifs; enriched with special effects, mirror or iridescent glitter. The Greens are the obvious choice.



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